Regrowing Green Onions

So I ran across a tip that you can regrow your green onions indefinitely. I decided to give it a try, and here's what happened!

Day 1: Onions snipped above the whites of the stalks.

Regrowing green onions. Day 1.

Day 3: Visible new growth.

Day 6: Several of the stalks have sprouted like crazy. They're growing at different rates.

Day 12: The stalks are as long as they originally were. Harvested a little already!

Green onion regrowth day 12. Ready to recut and use! #gardening #herbs

So the green onion regrowth trial worked just as well as everyone says. I'd say it takes about 2 weeks to regrow cut onions. I wonder how long we can keep this going? I may regrow a second bundle, so that we always have some ready to use on hand.

NOTE: After 3 cuttings, the onions got quite thin. I don't think you can go on indefinitely, but you can certainly get more onions out of them than one serving.