Sunday Baking: Pretzels and Sourdough


I had a sudden craving for pretzels this weekend, chewy cheese covered pretzels like the kind I ate in Germany once upon a time. So good I dream about them pretzels.

So I scoured the internets for a recipe that might be close, and settled on this Food Network recipe. This is what came out of it. They're fluffy, and buttery, but not German pretzels. They were delicious but lacked the chew that I wanted.


I topped a few with some aged cheddar, and the rest with butter and sea salt. They almost didn't survive the day. However, a call for help on twitter revealed the missing step for chewy pretzels: boiling. I will have to try this again. SO CLOSE but not quite.


And to round out our usual sandwich bread requirements, I baked a couple of jumbo loaves of Norwich Sourdough. It was the first sourdough recipe I tried, and still my favorite.