Sew and Tell: Hanging Shoe Organizer

July 14, 2013

There was a survey sometime that the average Canadian woman owns 26 pairs of shoes. Looking at my closet, I'm uh... a wee bit over that.

I needed somewhere to store all my shoes in a way that is easily accessible, visible, and takes up minimal space. I already had a hanging shoe organizer that I bought for about 10$, but it didn't fit my booties and higher heels so I made one! Its the colorful one beside the coats.


It fits ten pairs of shoes (five on each side). The construction is fairly simple. There is one long rectangle with velcro along one end to secure it to a hanger. Then there are ten rectangles folded in half and sewed to the long rectangle where the short edges meet. I hemmed all the edges for a sturdier finish.

Here's a look at it from the front, already stuffed full of shoes.


Confession? That used to be a tablecloth. I think it was leftover from another era. Pink palm trees and gazebos. Really?? It's cheerful though, and best of all it works. 

Also I'm afraid to admit how many shoes I really have... how about you?

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