2013 Clothing Challenge - 6 Month Check In

Sewing machine
Sewing Machine by Andreas Adelmann (CC)

Where has time gone! It's funny, I started this year with a ban on buying clothes, and I thought I'd end up with no clothes, instead, I've been refining my wardrobe, and love the pieces in it more. I've still got one major alteration project left to do, but otherwise have completed all the other projects I started out wanting to do.

And I've been sewing! I used to dream about sewing my own clothes, but now I have the skills to actually do that. Some of the things I've made, are my favorite things to wear now. Sewing my own clothes means total quality control, and frankly, often the quality of even remnant fabrics these days is often better than the cloth things are sewn with in the stores.

Now I'm toying with the idea of switching to an almost exclusively handmade wardrobe, from now on, piece by piece. Shirts, dresses, and skirts, I am capable of. Jeans and pants, however, probably not. I'm not sure I've got the technical skill or patience for those, but that would be an interesting challenge.

Leveling up on my sewing machine, but damn, I think I need to break my pledge to go to the fabric store only once this year, because I'm running out of thread...