Sew and Tell: Shorts from a self-drafted pattern

June 05, 2013


This was my second attempt at drafting a sewing pattern from my own measurements. I sewed some shorts out of stretch tweed. They turned out surprisingly well and I still can't believe they fit. They're so comfortable.


There's a side zip, and pockets. Admittedly, the pockets are a little too small to fit a wallet, but it was my first time sewing pockets. I'm surprised they turned out so well. First time's the charm, right? I also didn't have an invisible zipper on hand, so I didn't bother to hide the zip.

Fabric cutting. My first self drafted pattern and muslin fitting. Soon to be shorts. #sewing

This was also my first time making a muslin before cutting the pattern. I wasn't convinced that my measurements were right, and after trying on the shorts, I saw that the pattern needed a few tweaks. I transferred the alterations back to the original pattern, and le voila, shorts.

It's so hard to find shorts that fit right, and are the length I want. I'll be sewing up more. Next time I'll choose a slightly thicker and stiffer fabric, so that pockets and underwear lines aren't so noticeable  I might also add a waistband piece.

If you want to draft your own shorts pattern here's a tutorial: Basic shorts pattern tutorial

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