DIY: Felted Sweater Coffee Cans

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Felted Sweater Cans

Looking for things to do with your old, shrunken sweaters? I took two coffee cans and hot glued sweaters to the outside. I used the coffee cans for organizing my tools, but stuck them in a desk where no one could see. Now they're nice enough to be on display, I think!

To the can on the left, I added a different color of sweater to the bottom, and covered up the seam with some matching yarn.

To make your own:

  1. Cut a tube of wool large enough to fit around your coffee can.
  2. Hot glue one short edge down (where the seam will join).
  3. Pull the wool tight, and match the other short edge to the already glued edge. 
  4. Lastly, add hot glue to the top and bottom rims of the can to secure the wool to it.

You could also easily do this with mason jarswine bottles, vases or tea light holders.
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