A Baker's Sunday

Fresh baked challah bread

What a workout. I made three loaves of bread all kneaded and braided by hand. My wrists are kind of sore today. Maybe I need a new technique? Or maybe I need a new mixer! :D (E... did you hear that?)


I left the first loaf of challah bread in the oven a bit too long so it looks a bit burnt here, but it was still lovely on the inside. E didn't wait until it was cool to carve into it.


If you will note, I don't know how to make a 6 strand braid! I tried, I really did... but in the end I just overlapped dough here and there. No one seemed to notice... I think.


And one loaf was sent off to a friend for her birthday in a bread bag :) The best looking loaf of course.

Baking bread... it's a workout. At least you get to eat after?

I used this recipe here: Best Challah (egg bread) via the Smitten Kitchen.