Twisted Bead Necklace: The Vesper

May 01, 2013


This is a necklace inspired by Vesper Lynd's love knot necklace in Casino Royale. I remembered it seemed to fall so gracefully and -- um -- accent the décolletage.


Here's a back view. The feather is my favorite part I think! I always think that unexpected back jewelry is sexy...


The trickiest part of this was figuring out how to make a knotted circle with beads. I used thin gauge beading wire and threaded the wire with glass beads. First I made a circle, then twisted the beaded wire around it several times.

The rest of the necklace is strung on floss. Minty dental floss to be exact. I ran out of beading thread half way through, and all I had on hand was floss! You know what though? It works like a dream. The wax makes it easier to thread through those tiny beading needles, and it's tough stuff. Bonus: your necklace and fingers smell minty fresh when you're done.

Happy crafting :)

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