Coral and Turquoise Necklace


Sometimes bits and pieces come together and they just work. Someone gave me an old ugly bracelet from the 80's and I took it apart for the big plastic chunks. I didn't think they would be useful for anything so they languished in my bead box for years.


I mixed the chunky pink beads with turquoise, gold, and little coral glass squares. The two strands are joined together at the back of the neck so they're not separate.

This is my favorite necklace for casual wear and a little extra outfit sugar, like a drink of pink lemonade. You would have seen it in previous sewing posts like the sequin top and the jersey tank top. I love this length for just throwing over my head (no clasps to mess with) and also because it doesn't get caught in the neckline of my tops.

What's your go to accessory?