Alteration: T-shirt neckline gone wrong

May 08, 2013

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. This is why you should never cut fabric after a glass of wine, in poor lighting. Actually I'm not sure how this happened, but I fixed it! So just so you know, I usually have to do things more than once. This is the end result:


I started with just your plain old Fruit of the Loom grey tee, which has lasted me years through sweaty workouts without holes, and has such great drape. It's probably my favorite tee ever.


I wanted to turn it into a v-neck so that I'd be able to wear it out with a cute skirt or something, but this is what happened, to my horror, when I tried it on... I didn't cut the v into the right place. I was so fixated on getting the right measurement for the neckline, that I neglected to center the point of the V. You can see it's off to the right.


Luckily, it was salvageable, and I recut the neckline into the swoop you see in the first photo, and used the hem of another grey tee as the new neckband.

This ALWAYS happens (I just don't usually blog about it). The dear husband laughs at me for doing everything five times... I swear I measured. I have nooo idea. I'll just blame the wine.

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