Sewing Boot Shapers / Boot Inserts

April 10, 2013

Boot Shapers
My scrap fabric boot shapers.

I hate wasting even those little odd bits of fabric, so I found another project to use them for: boot shapers aka boot inserts. Why might you need them, you say?

Because you can go from this:

Boot Shapers
Before: Floppy boots. They look so sad.
To this:

Boot Shapers
After: Standing boots. Easier to store.

I sewed up a bunch of them, rather quickly. Each one is little more than a fabric tube. I started with a piece of fabric 10' wide and 12' tall. Then traced the bottom of a wine bottle onto fabric to use as the ends. Each boot shaper is stuffed full of fabric bits and ends leftover from different projects. The loops up top were taken from hemmed jeans, and make it a little easier to pull the boot shapers out of your boots.

Boot Shapers
An assortment of mismatched shapers
for all my boots. No one needs to look at them.

If you want to make your own there are various tutorials online. You can do a no-sew version using water bottles and a glue gun. This is a simple one to do on a sewing machine. Here's another idea that requires minimal sewing.

Alternate stuffing ideas: packing peanuts, rags, clean plastic bags, crumpled newspaper, rice, dried beans, cedar, dried lavender.

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