Padded Camera Bag Insert

April 28, 2013

So E finally got a snazzy new camera. I'm kind of afraid I might destroy it like I have our previous two cameras, so I've been extra careful around it. We didn't have a camera bag that would fit it, but needed one for a trip out of town. I'm not sure about you, but I think most camera bags that look like camera bags are really ugly. I'd rather not advertise that I'm lugging around a camera, thanks.

A padded camera bag insert. Nothing fancy.
You can buy a camera bag insert, but I sewed up a simple one for a camera with one lens attached. It's really just a padded rectangle. The camera fits in sideways. I also made a little pillow to fit the space between the lens and the bottom of the bag (see the first photo).

It fits into my purse!
The padding is a sandwich of fleece, medium weight interfacing, and blanket batting. The bottom is extra thick. Foam would work even better, but I didn't have any on hand. I suppose if you're not going to wash it, then bubble wrap might also be a viable, and possibly free, alternative.

And it doesn't look like a camera bag!
The insert also fits into a messenger bag, which is something E can carry around instead of a purse. It is his camera after all :)

It's a little snug, but it still fits.
I suppose that if I wanted to bring another lens, I could add an extra padded compartment, but for most purposes this will be just fine.


Want to sew your own camera bag insert? Here are a few different tutorials:

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