Spring Cleanse

Spring Rain by sciondriver

The weather's still terrible out, and I suppose it's not technically spring yet, but it's a new month and I want to start fresh. I've been unproductive and restless the last couple months, not in a small part due to being hit hard with the flu. It's time to get things back into order.

SO here's the plan...

1. Do a wardrobe inventory.  (My spreadsheet loving brain is practically SQUEEING for joy). There is limited closet space in our apartment so it makes sense to figure out what I have too much of, what needs repair, what might be donated, and where the gaps in my wardrobe are. I'd ideally like to pare my closet down to a minimal wardrobe, just a tad bigger than a capsule collection, where I love all the pieces and wear them often. I'll share my list with you later.

And the part of the plan I'm not looking forward to...

2. Stop wearing makeup until I get my skin back into control. I tend to scar when I break out, and the red marks never seem to fade away (I once got so badly bitten by mosquitoes that the marks didn't fade for 2 years) so my skin looks terrible at the moment. I usually use a few dabs just to hide the scarring and redness (I bet most people don't think I wear any makeup at all), but I'm going to try and be un-self-conscious and just do without. I think it will help my skin heal faster. I hope so, anyway.

3. Part of the breaking out is due to stress so it's time to revisit better habits: meditation. exercise. more vegetables. less rubbing at my face when I'm thinking.

I hope this works.