Snowdrops and Clean Closets

Snow drops blooming
Snowdrops poking out of the garden.
"There, now." she said, and she passed him his snowdrop. He took it with hands that seemed to him to be huge and clumsy and not at all small and perfect like the hands of the faerie girl. "And I'll see you back here tonight Dunstan Thorn, when the moon goes down. Come here and hoot like a little owl. Can you do that?" 
He nodded and stumbled away from her; he did not need to ask how she knew his surname; she had taken it from him along with certain other things, such as his heart, when he had kissed her.  
The snowdrop chimed in his hand.. ~ Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Pg 22.

I've always loved spring flowers, how plump their petals are, gorged with water, bursting with colors amid the still harsh season. Here it rains almost constantly, so when the sun comes out, and the flowers are in bloom, it does seem a lot like magic.

I finished going through my closet and ditched the spreadsheet part way through. I did get rid of some old clothes (more than a decade and in good condition!) and some worn out clothes (mostly cheap new stuff *sigh*).

I made some notes as I sorted through everything in there. Here are my top surprise discoveries:
  • I do not suffer from a lack of clothes, but from an unequal shoe rotation. Wearing runners/sketchers most of the time means that I don't wear my skirts of dresses. I need to rotate my footwear! (I also have more than enough shoes *cough*)
  • Most of my shoes are decently comfortable, except one pair of heels. I hung on to that pair because they were almost brand new, but they are uncomfortable that I never wear them. I think it's time to give them up. It's a vicious cycle, you see. SO some lucky person will get some patent stiletto peep toes, only worn twice.
  • Some clothes I didn't wear because I've forgotten about them. Oops. I've rearranged my closet to put the in season stuff in a more accessible location than the out of season stuff. We have no storage so it has to all coexist.
  • Some alterations can salvage rarely worn items into regular wear items. Like this and this. I have a pile of 'easy' alterations a pile of 'will take planning' alterations and a pile of 'total refashion' clothes hanging on the back of my door now. I'll tackle the easy stuff first and you'll see it here folks!
  • I only have two long sleeved shirts in decent condition, and I've got holes in my only two cardigans. Now that's an obvious a wardrobe hole. I'm always cold, so it would be a good idea to get several more long sleeved shirts wear under my sweaters, and a couple of cardigans to rotate. My buying ban is still in effect, so maybe next year. 
Purging, cleaning... it feels good. I also realized I don't have enough socks. I KNEW it! Maybe the washing machine ate them all, or they've migrated to the shelter of the husband's drawers, I'm not sure, but that's one area I do need a little bit of buying in.

Of course, what did I wear to work today? My usual: jeans, sweater, and runners. I wish I had a long sleeve shirt under my sweater. It's still cold out.