DIY: Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

March 31, 2013

A fabric covered box.
Started with a regular cardboard box and cut off the top flaps.
I followed a tutorial on I Could Make That, and I'm addicted! Three boxes later... now I don't have a bunch of grungy old cardboard mailing boxes sitting on my bookshelf. I made a lid from a cereal box. Best of all, I used some stiff upholstery fabric ends I didn't know what to do with, and it was free!

The box in its natural habitat.

Some tips and tricks: A gluestick works surprisingly well. You could also use Mod Podge, white glue, spray glue, or a glue gun (if you're using stiff fabric).

And a tray covered with fabric and lace. Just the perfect size to keep my work filed at home.

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