Alteration: Making Loose Jeans Skinny

March 13, 2013

The end result: Skinny jeans. YAY! I'm happy. Believe me, no jeans are as
comfortable as ones you custom fit for yourself.

I've had these jeans for a while, and they fit just right around the hips and waist, but never fit quite right around my legs. They weren't wide enough to be loose, and not skinny enough to be skinny. They were in between, and just looked awkward - a good candidate for skinnifying.

You can do this to any pair of jeans. Wear them inside out, then sit on the floor with your legs extended. Find the seam that doesn't have the double row of stitching. It may be on the inner side of the leg or the outer, either works just fine so it doesn't matter. In this case, the seam was on the outer side. Pin along your leg, making it as tight as you find comfortable. (You can see the pins in the photo to the left)

Sew down the pin line, try the pants the right way on, then make adjustments if necessary. When you're done you can trim the seams, and serge or zig zag stitch the seams to reduce bulk. Or you can just leave the seams alone if you're indecisive.

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