Gift Idea: Homemade Limoncello

Homemade Limoncello
Infused liquors are my new current make at home fascination. They're not difficult to make, but require some patience (depending on the recipe). The limoncello turned out quite tasty! A good gift, and not something you'd get every day, I think.

There are plenty of recipes online but I used this one, and liked the ratio of sweetness to alcohol. I let the peels sit for about 1 month in vodka, then added the simple syrup, and waited another 3 weeks before tasting. It will only get better the longer it sits!

P.S. Some recipes call for Everclear or grain alcohol but it's not available everywhere. I still liked the taste of the vodka. I think I might try doing a blueberry vodka next, or an orange infusion. So many possibilities!