Sew-Easy Gift Ideas

Two projects that are easy on the wallet, and useful too!

First, the butcher's apron. Makes a good gift for any chef, and it's simple to sew. I kept the colors neutral so that the hubby won't mind wearing it too. I added two big pockets in front, because they're always handy.

No more flour on my clothes!
Here are a couple of apron tutorials: 
Check out those 90 degree angles.
It's really just a big rectangle with two curves cut out of it.
And here's another scrap buster! A grocery bag holder is quick to whip up. My collection of bags were everywhere, and now my closet is pleasantly organized. I'll admit mine is kinda funny looking, but it does the trick.

Quilted Plastic Bag Dispenser
And here are some tutorials:
If you checked out any of the links above, you will see that I can't follow instructions for the life of me. I used bits of all the different tutorials to make my own version. Do what you will. Have fun ;)