Macaron Class

A friend invited me to take a macaron making class at a local cafe. I've heard horror stories about making macarons and after taking this class, I can understand why: you can over mix, under mix, it can take longer depending on the temperature, the humidity, some days it might just not work! I still don't think I'll attempt making macarons at home any time soon. They are, however, delicious :)

Tools of the trade. Tip: use gel food coloring.
Mixing the dry ingredients with the beaten egg whites.
Piping the macarons. There is technique involved here!
A snack while waiting for the macarons to set. It's had work, you know.
The baked cookie halves.
Piping butter cream.
Macarons fully assembled.
We made raspberry buttercream macarons, as well as lavender white chocolate macarons. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the lavender! I had a bad experience with lavender ice cream once that will not be mentioned. This was pure yum.