Scrap Fabric Baskets

November 25, 2012

Scrap fabric baskets

Here's another scrappy fabric project! I made one rounded bucket, and one rectangular basket to use for things around the house. I'm using one to store onions in my pantry. The other is just the right size for sewing patterns, and a few large ribbon rolls.

I cut odds and ends of thicker fabric scraps into rectangles of the same width, sewed those together into long rows, then sewed the rows together. The baskets are also lined in scrap fabrics. I freestyled these baskets, not bothering to measure, but there's a similar tutorial here: Quilted fabric baskets. Instead of making handles, I sewed on some grosgrain ribbons, so it all came together rather quickly! 

The thickness of the exterior fabric allows them to hold their shape fairly well even without any interfacing. This would also be a good project to do if you save the fabric leftover when you hem your jeans. 

More scrappy projects to come. I still haven't really made a big dent on my stash...

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