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November 11, 2012

Here's my first scrap buster project. I used bits and pieces of salvaged fabrics, as well as scraps from previous projects.

I got better as I went along. The first one looks messy. Last 2, I figured out, OMG I can use my zipper foot! That way I didn't have to estimate/badly pin each pen pocket. I just slipped one in, then butted up the zipper foot right beside it.

Also could be done for an adult project, carry a notebook and pens around or sketchbook if you are an artist.

So yes, I realize as usual my projects could have benefited from a good ironing, but my iron sucks (it doesn't work half the time) and I am a lazy mug sometimes... but I had to make 8 of these for all my cousins, so I'm tired ok! BIG family. SMALL budget. I need to make something for the adults next.

It would be nice to get through my stash so I can buy some fabric I actually like.

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