The Everything Bag

October 07, 2012

It's a backpack, its a messenger bag, its a satchel! It's my new work bag. There's a detachable shoulder strap so that the bag can be carried like a messenger bag. The interior is hot pink, and I think that's my favorite part, aside from the collapsible water bottle slot (it folds flat with velcro when not in use)..

As a backpack.
The challenge when making this bag, was not to buy any parts. Unfortunately this means that the shoulder straps are not adjustable. The swivel hooks were all salvaged from old keychains and purses. I cut up a faux leather belt for the clasp. I used leftover batik to make pockets.

As a messenger bag.
I messed up the interior pockets a little. The last row was too narrow and too far down in the bag to be usable, but there are still enough, including one zippered interior pocket, and one in the back, which is handy for slotting in brochures, or even a letter sized folder.

If there is a version 2.0, I would reinforce the back of the bag with padding so its stiff and not so slouchy, and add the handle a little bit higher up so it can actually be used for carrying and not just decoratively.

On the whole I'm happy with it! It does the job, which is to replace the backpack I was using for work. I also used more scraps and bits from my stash. I wonder how long I can go without a trip to the fabric store? My goal this year is to use as much of my existing fabric as possible without buying any new fabric. That's going to be tough!

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