Scrappy Sweatshirt

I had a few random leftovers of purple jersey, and I had a sweatshirt that was brand new, but never worn. E bought it because it was on sale, and it proudly displayed "Class of 05" on the back, as well as the front. The sleeves were too short, and the neck too small for my head since it was not adult sized. I'd been planning to wear it around the house, but I used all my scraps to make it a lot more wearable.

I cut off the hood, added a new neckband, extended the arms, and got rid of all the logos. Its so comfortable.

You probably can't see in the photo, but the back panel of the purplish color is made of three triangles stitched together. Also, all the stitching on the sweatshirt is in magenta thread.

And no, I'm not "Class of 05" LOL Ahh to be young again.