Dolman Sleeve Sweatshirt

September 23, 2012

I had three meters of this purplish sweatshirt fabric so I've been working away on a bunch of things. Unfortunately they're all the same color, but I figure as long as I don't wear them all at once...

Dolman sleeve sweatshirt
I made the mistake of not leaving enough seam allowance so the sweatshirt is a bit tight, but I love the shape of it. There were only four pieces to this if you include the bottom hem, and the neckline. Really you could sew this top with two pieces if you just roll the hems. 

I followed the Make A Simple Top: Dolman Style With Banded Bottom via Make it Love it, but modified it since my fabric didn't have as much drape. I also added some black lace to the sleeves, which gives it an extra something, no?

If I had some other knits lying around I'd definitely make more. It was a fairly quick and easy project. 

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