DIY: Non-Slip Hanger

July 07, 2012

My closet is very limited in space so all my clothes are squished up next to one another. Often when I reach in to pull out one shirt, it will pull the next one off its hanger. The solution turns out to be super simple. I'm still amazed that it works so well.

Supplies: Glue gun. Felt (you can buy it at the dollar store).
Directions: Cut two rectangles of felt, hot glue to each end of your hanger.

I tested this out on my shirts and even satin lined dresses which ALWAYS slip off, shook them, and discovered that the felt grips extremely well. Even satin will stay put. I've gone ahead and added these tabs to almost all of my hangers. So quick and easy. Just my kind of craft.

Original idea via. Real Simple

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