Tutorial: Frosted Jars

I once held syrup. Now I am a sweet vase.
This is another crafty team up with the dear husband. He saw that spray paint was involved, and hopped at the chance. The hardest part of this project was getting all the label gunk off the bottles we were using!

They make lovely recycled tea light holders, storage containers, or vases. You could do this on any plain glassware. The only caveat being, I doubt it's dishwasher safe. I used frosted glass coating spray paint, rather than etching solution which is a little harder to work with.

Frosted Jar Tutorial

Materials: jars or glassware, contact paper or masking tape, frosted glass coating spray (I used the Excel brand. There's a picture below), newspaper

Step 1: Remove labels and all adhesive residue from your glassware.

The following method works pretty well: 1) Soak jars in water for 30 minutes, then scrape off all paper. 2) rub vegetable oil (or any cooking oil) into the adhesive to loosen it. A rub of your fingers might be enough to take it off, but for stubborn glue, gently rubbing steel wool or a scouring pad over it will help. 3) Wash with dish washing liquid and water. You may have to repeat 2 and 3 to get the jars really clean.

clean jars
We're clean!
Step 2: Add designs in contact paper / masking tape. Go nuts! Get your craft on! Write messages, make stripes. It's really up to you.

jars with contact paper
There's lots of love here.
Step 3: Spray the glass with your paint, and leave it to dry. Follow the directions on the can.

Note: Holding the glass as shown in the photo isn't the best method. If you have an old rag, or a rubber glove, put that over one hand, and stick that hand into the opening of the jar so you can paint all the way to the top.

spraying jars
Not the best way of doing it.
Step 4: When the paint is dry, remove contact paper.

jars drying
This is the paint we used.
You'll end up with something like this! I think I like the striped jars best.

finished jars
Somewhat natuical decor?
Enjoy ;)