Kitchen Tested: Grape-Nuts Bread

June 16, 2012

Grape-Nuts Bread
Grape-Nuts Bread
I ended up with a jumbo box of Grape-Nuts cereal, but discovered I'm not too fond of the texture. I've been looking for ways to cook with it since. I tried several recipes, but this was hands down the best, better even than bran muffins! One particular recipe was utter disaster and will not be mentioned again.

What can I say about this bread other than it's delicious. The brown sugar brings out the taste of the malted barely in the Grape-Nuts cereal, but you won't run into any crunchy tooth cracking surprises in this bread. It's soft and heavenly. I want more right now just thinking of it.

You can get the recipe here: Healthy Grapenuts Cereal Bran Bread

My substitutions: rolled oats for the wheat-bran, and all purpose flour instead of whole wheat (only because I didn't have it on hand), bread crumbs instead of cornmeal.

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