Spice Label DIY

This is a DIY from the dear husband E! It's so easy, and so handy.. We have an assortment of jars for spices, and are constantly refilling them with different contents. Regular paper labels are hard to take off, and masking tape also gets stuck/gummy on the glass if left there too long. The solution? Contact paper!

I originally bought a roll at the dollar store, and had some left over from some old projects. Not only are these labels easy to put on, and take off, you can remove and restick them a few more times.

Materials: contact paper, sharpie, jars.

Directions: Write out the spice, cut, stick! (GAH that sounds so dumb, but it might not be clear from the photo. The contact paper was silver, and we stuck it onto the silver part of the spice jars, but sticks just as well to glass.)