Sneak peak - Pink Purse in Progress

April 14, 2012

Now that I've taken apart and put together a couple of purses, I wanted to draft one entirely from scratch. Here's the purse in progress. You can see the pattern pieces I made, as well as some of my calculations and measurements on the left on the left.

About 9 pattern pieces, but 23 total pieces to the purse? I think?

I have utmost respect for seamstresses. This is engineering work! It's not as easy as I keep thinking it will be. I'm learning how to work different materials, and how stretch will affect the seam calculations. The wrong math means parts won't line up properly.

Yup, more quilting! I tried a different pattern this time though. I like the way the quilting
makes for a stiffer bag. I'm not a fan of the purses that fall over when you put them down.
I haven't cut the lining yet either.
It's a puzzle, which is why I enjoy sewing. I need to think things through and figure out logically what order all the pieces need to be assembled in. I thought this design would be simple, but that was a mistake. We'll see how it turns out in a couple of weeks...

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