Greek Easter Bread - Tsoureki

Tsoureki is a sweet egg bread that is eaten at Easter in Greece, and E hasn't been back there in a few years, so I thought it might make a nice surprise for when he comes home tonight. The apartment smells heavenly. It's also tasty.

Greek Easter Bread
I braided it into a round, and it made a cozy little nest for my eggs.

The recipe and more information is here. I didn't make such a large batch. I also did not have mastic or mahlepi which it calls for. I've seen some people use anise extract, or vanilla as substitutes. This was my first attempt at it making it. I didn't bake the eggs into the bread, and they should be red but turned out pink. About half way through I forgot how to braid, so its a bit messy, but maybe next time!

Close up shot of easter bread
Ahh there's the glamor shot. Looking lovely.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it ;)