Tutorial: Sew a Lined Bread Bag

March 24, 2012

Now that we've been baking bread at home, we've run into a problem: where to keep it. Up till now, we've been wrapping it in a clean dish towel, which works but is a bit clumsy, and not portable. Enter the bread bag...

Prettier than a towel
Look at that bread all cozy inside.

This is a quick 15 minute project, and you could use the same technique to make gift bags. The measurements below will make a bag that fits a standard bread loaf.

Sew A Lined Bread Bag


  • Outer fabric - 30" x 15"
  • Inner fabric - 30" x 15" (I used a plain white cotton)
  • Ribbon

1) Place the right side (good side) of the inner and outer fabric face to face, and sew a stitch along both short ends. You should now have one big tube.
I used  pinking shears to cut my fabric because it tended to ravel,
but its not necessary, since we're going to encase all our raw edges (French seams).
2) Flip the fabric inside out, and sew a stitch along both short ends. The good side of the fabric should be on the outside now. These finished edges will form the open end of the bag.
3) Fold in half so that the finished ends are together.
4) Stitch along the long sides (right sides facing outside).
5) Flip inside out. Stitch along the long sides again (so that the raw edges are sandwiched inside and not exposed). You should end up with a pocket like this:
The bag is inside out in this photo... but as you can see, all the raw edges are hidden in the seams.
6) Optional: Measure 2 inches from the corner of the edge of the bag, and sew a stitch perpendicular to the seam for both seams:

7) Optional: Sew the triangle tabs to the bottom of the bag. Fold each tab to the center and sew along the edges (in a V). When you flip the bag right side out, the bottom of the bag will look like this:
The triangle is on the bottom. The seam is up the side.
8) With the bag right sides facing out, stitch a ribbon into one of the side seams.

And you're done! Wrap the ribbon around the opening a few times and tie a bow to close the bag. Having the ribbon on the outside, instead of a drawstring, makes it possible to completely seal the opening to the bag.

Enjoy ;)

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