Sewing a Thumb Guard

Saturday, March 31, 2012
I developed a pressure blister from working with my heavy dressmaker's shears this past winter. I thought my hands would be fine now, but whenever the shears rub against my thumb, I still feel pain. It got so bad that I couldn't sew. This little fella fixed the problem...

The thumb guard prevents the handle from rubbing against the side of my thumb.
It's cushioned enough that the pressure is distributed away from a single point
and it makes cutting comfortable!
I took an oval of stretchy fabric, folded it in half and sandwiched some scrap fabric between, used a zig zag stitch all the way around the edge, then hand sewed a small piece of leather to the center of it. Lastly, I sewed about an inch down to form a tube.

The folded edge is the top of the tube. I didn't bother hiding the seams.
Because the main body is stretchy, it fits fairly comfortably.
My hands are happy!
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