Bag Reconstruction 2 - Quilted Purse

March 10, 2012

My daily work purse was just the right size, but five years down the road it was entirely beat up. It was a cheap purse to begin with, so I didn't feel bad cutting it up to salvage parts. I saved the lining, but redesigned the exterior of the purse.

Pulled it carefully apart. I really liked the metal rings. Also too lazy
to sew all the interior pockets. I saved the lining to reuse.
It took a couple of weeks to figure this out. I'm still not a bag expert. I had to redo several parts more than once (the bottom for instance) because things didn't fit together the way I thought they would. The exterior pockets were also a challenge, but it looks a lot better than I expected. I quilted it to add some structure, and body. I think that without it, the plain grey fabric wouldn't have been very interesting.

Here's the end result!

Quilting gave it enough structure to stand on its own. I also lined
the sides and top with a layer of felt for some extra stiffness.
The zipper was salvaged from another project. Not sure where it came from.
Ahh just the right size!

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