Adventures in Quilting

Sunday, March 4, 2012
I mistakenly bought the wrong type of batting: too thick and fluffy for making bags, but I did find that it was workable for my projects if I quilted it.

My first attempt to work with the batting went horribly wrong. I attempted to make a scrap fabric basket with some leftover corduroy and canvas, but the fabric didn't have enough structure to it. I pinned in some of the batting, but the sides of the basket refused to stay upright - so I pulled it apart. *le sigh*

Meanwhile, I was looking for a way to organize the contents of my work bag and ran across this tutorial for Sewing a Purse Organizer With Adjustable Dividers, which features quilted pockets, and a light-bulb flashed! What if I quilted my floppy fabric basket?

Here's what happened:

I cut it down to resew it, so things don't line up properly.
The threads are also all different colors, but no one really
needs to see it since it's just for my sock drawer!
The basket has enough structure now that it's quilted. If I ever make another, I think I'd put the seams on the outside instead of the inside to keep the square shape better, but overall I'm happy with it. The organizer does its job in my drawer.

It was my first attempt quilting so it was a bit crooked, but I learned a few tricks in the process:
  • Sandwich that batting between some scrap fabric / muslin, and your outer fabric. It makes it a lot easier to work with.
  • Quilting a square and cutting it afterwards is a lot easier than trying to quilt an odd shape. 
  • Leave extra room (I added 2 inches to every side) if you're going to quilt, that way you can cut it back, and not have to deal with the tricky raw stringy ends.  
More quilting to come... I used the technique to sew a purse and the second time was a lot better.
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