Messenger Bag Reconstruction

I had a messenger bag which was just the perfect size, and had all the pockets I wanted, but the only problem was that I didn't care for the camo coloring. I wanted it to look a little bit more grownup, and was thinking of trying to copy it... but I decided to take apart the old bag instead.

I saved the lining, the strap, and the zippers, then used the pieces I removed as a template for new pieces. Here's the bag (in deep turquoise corduroy) with the original pieces I removed. It looks pretty much exactly like the original.

And here's what it looks like finished:

You can learn a lot about how something is constructed by taking it apart. Now I know how the bottom was reinforced, and attached, as well as how to inset a zipper. YAY! Also, it didn't take as long as making something completely from scratch. I've got another purse I want to redo now... and will show you what happens.