Seattle in Winter

February 22, 2011

E and I spent a few days in downtown Seattle this past week. I went a bit camera nuts! It's been so long. E just looked at me and rolled his eyes. "It's for your blog isn't it?" I bowed my head in shame.

So... for your viewing pleasure, here's Seattle:

Here we have the tourist filled Pike Place market and the location of the original Starbucks (or so I hear).

On the first level you can find crafts, fresh produce, seafood, fresh pasta, cheeses, and restaurants. On the second level, there are antique, vintage, and souvenir shops.

You're not seeing wrong. It's a cleverly designed lamp post/public artwork.

There are the shops on the waterfront. I usually stop to get a bowl of chowder. It's so comforting, especially when it's cold out.

I remember this carousel from my childhood. I picked out my favorite horses. I'm glad they're still there.

This is the public library downtown. Inside it's bright, airy, and modern. The escalators glow neon green. The floors are bright orange.

This last building was simply architecturally stunning. If you look really closely, you'll see that Luis Vuitton set up shop at the base.

I know it's been a while and I apologize. I've finally got a new camera to play with, and I promise I will take better care of this one. I still can't promise to post regularly, but I'm around! ~waves~

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