Recycled Gift Wrap Tutorials

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I'm not, but I love wrapping presents more than getting them. Odd maybe? I dunno :)

I always try to used recycled wrapping. I accumulate paper and boxes through the year and I've never run out of supplies yet. Here are a few good tutorials if you want to DIY your packaging and recycle.

How to make reusable gift bags from newspaper by How About Orange
Potato Print Box by Creative Jewish Mom (no wrapper required!)
Origami Gift Box Tutorial by U Handbag Blog
Magazine Gift Bow Tutorial by How About Orange
Pinwheel Bow Tutorial via Curlby
The options are endless! I like to make a fun day of it, turn the music on loud, then get wrapping. I'll show you what I come up with this year. Last year, I stamped cardboard boxes and the year before, I used newspaper and fabric scraps.

Do you recycle your packaging or does it take too much time?