Trip to Germany Part 2 - Frankfurt and Food!

September 28, 2010

We had an afternoon to spend in Frankfurt and the weather cooperated nicely. The city's an interesting mix of old and new, of tall gleaming glass buildings towering over traditional architecture. We bought a .50 euro cent walking tour map and hiked it around the city.

It was a Sunday so all the shops were closed except for a few tourist spots, restaurants, and cafe's. The bakeries are amazing! I had to have one last cheese pretzel before leaving. They were so much better than the pretzels back home. 
Apparently curry-wurst is the thing to try. It's a sausage drenched in curry ketchup sauce. It was quite strong... check out that gratuitous curry powder action.
Someone also suggested trying out paprika chips. They weren't bad, tasted a lot like the BBQ flavor chips we have in North America.
Where's the real German food you ask? Well it was dark, we were hungry, and the photos didn't turn out quite so well :) The sausages were amazing. If you love pork, this is heaven.

Part 3 - Amsterdam!

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