The Fruits of Summer

Oh summer, I miss you already! September has finally rolled around, and so has the rain. The last couple weeks I've been indulging in wonderful summer fruits.

You seldom find fresh figs in the supermarket. These gorgeous purple figs are from my parent's garden. They're delicately sweet, and very yummy. The season's too short for the fresh figs! I stuffed myself silly before they were all gone (and now they are).

We went blackberry picking and came back with a couple buckets full. Now our fridge is full of homemade blackberry jam. We've been putting it on everything from toast to cheesecakes to muffins. Here's E's recipe! It's probably one of the simplest blackberry jam recipes around, but it's so good!

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the cheesecake (it was devoured far too quickly), but here's what we did with the blackberries last year.

Still dreaming of summer...