Felted Wool Pillowcases

August 04, 2010

Oh craftiness where have you been hiding? I've missed you! I've been in a bit of a creative funk the past while. Getting back into the crafting has been like a summer break! I needed this.

My latest project is two very cozy throw pillows made of 100% recycled materials. The exterior was sewn from two wool sweaters that had shrunk in the wash. The sweaters are so soft and touchable. I hand stitched a few felted wool leaves to finish the project off.

I always save my fabric scraps, even if they are too small to use in other projects. I used these bits of fabric and leftover threads to fill these pillows. 

Using fabric scraps will make your pillows a little bit more dense than average. These are heavy, but still have a good squish because I added in about 1/3 cotton batting salvaged from another project. I also mixed in some bits of fleece for some extra lightness. The rest of the fabric scraps were cut down into noodle shapes, which also add volume when scrunched up.

Not sure what to do with your fabric scraps? All you need to know how to do is sew a square if you want to make throw pillows! It's so easy!

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