Weekend in Seattle - Kirkland

May 24, 2010

"I really need a vacation."
"Why don't we go to Seattle this weekend?"

It didn't take that much convincing. Seattle's a leiseurely 4 hour drive away, but that's only 2.5 hours if you use European driving standards. Hah! We have family there so we do make the trip pretty regularly, but it's usually a visit and shopping trip. We decided to play tourists this time.

We headed straight from the border to downtown Seattle for dinner date at Le Toulouse Petit. It was really lovely. I'd never been to that part of Seattle before, and the restaurant was a random choice that exceeded our expectations. We had to haul our happily full stomachs out for a much needed walk to digest.

"Keep walking. I have a surprise for you."
"Wait, let's go slower. I think I have a cramp. How far uphill do we have to go? Are you sure this is the right way?"

A few blocks and a right turn later, we ended up at a little park, where rows of photographers were lined up waiting for a shot of Seattle at dusk. There were couples cuddling, and limosines with people getting out to enjoy the view in the gorgeous spring weather. It was worth the walk.

The next morning we headed off again for another 'surprise'.

"Do you know where we're going?" I asked.
"Kind-of." E replied.

So we ended up in Kirkland. Why Kirkland? Why not! It was a busy little town with restaurants, shops, and a lakeside marina. We enjoyed the gorgeous day beside Lake Washington. We wandered around and had lunch.

They have this interesting system for crossing the road in Kirkland. Buckets with flags are placed on each crosswalk. When you cross, you hold out a flag so that the cars will see you more easily. It seemed to work!

And then the camera ran out of batteries. So that's all I have to show you folks! It was still a nice weekend. Not a proper vacation, but still a much time away from home. I can't wait for the summer!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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