What you didn't see - Winter Olympics Recap Part 3

March 02, 2010

The Olympics are a huge operation and there are a thousand little things that they don't show you on TV. Here are a few:

The inukshuk is the logo of the Vancouver Olympics. This monument was around long before the Olympics but someone decked it out with the biggest Canadian mittens I've ever seen!


Fans of all sorts dressed up in the streets.

Lineups to Japadog going all the way down the street. It's a local hotdog stand where you can get hotdogs loaded up with Japanese toppings. I think I want one right now... my mouth is watering just thinking of the teri-mayo dog... mmm...

Signs were posted everywhere in multiple languages. This one says welcome in Greek!

Street side recycling complete with diagrams! I hope this is permanent.

A mobile ATM?

Olympic sized crowds downtown. There were of course long lineups to all the pavilions. The average wait time was 2 - 3 hours. There was a 7 hour wait to get on the free zipline. 

The international press was everywhere.

You know, I'm a little sad that the Olympics are over. The crowds have gone and the streets are empty. Still I've been fortunate enough to be left with good memories and a lot of photos.

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