It's Cold Out - Winter Olympics Recap Part 2

March 01, 2010

We bought tickets a ways back and picked them out somewhat randomly. The way the ticket system worked was that if you wanted hockey tickets you just picked a date and time without knowing what teams would be playing. We ended up with tickets to Germany vs. Belarus.


There were a lot of German flags around, and few Belarus fans. Early on we found out that some of the flag waving fans were not from Germany or Belarus at all. Indeed, it was all in good fun. No matter who scored the crowd went crazy with cheering.

I had no idea what the sport of Nordic Combined was until we got the tickets. It's a two part sport that starts with a ski jump and ends with a cross country relay. We hopped on the bus to Whistler early last Tuesday and were welcomed by snowfall. It was still good fun. There were no Canadian competitors but several contingents of fans from the USA, Norway, France, Germany, and Japan.


The result of the jump determined the start time of the cross country portion of the race. We had to walk about a kilometer to the cross country track. Along the way were snow sculptures and a totem pole carving demonstration.

There was a big screen at the cross country track that showed the progress of the skiers while they were out of view. It was amazing, the athletes skied 5 km in an average of 12 minutes. They did two laps to complete 10 km each before switching off to their teammates.


The last skier in the race got just as much cheering as the first. It was the same kind of amazing crowd I've witnessed everywhere during the Olympics.

We arrived home soaking wet, cold, tired, and hungry but happy. Tomorrow: the things you probably didn't see on TV.

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