Vancouver Olympics - Weekend Recap

February 15, 2010

Ahh Vancouver, now that I'm sitting in the office it's easy to forget what's going on outside. E and I went on our first mini Olympics foray over the weekend. It was wet, crowded, soggy, and dark, but most people were still cheerful. Here's a little taste from his cam and mine:

Early morning shot's from E's cam on the morning of the torch relay.

The Olympic cauldron.

 Russian athletes also doing the tourist thing near Canada Place!

You see that spot in the sky? There's free zip lining at Robson Square if you're willing to brave the lineup.

The city revamped the public skating rink at Robson Square too (also free if you bring your skates) and added a stage for local performers.

There's a lot more going on everywhere in the city. We didn't go into any of the free showcases. The crowds were daunting this past weekend so we'll leave that for another day. The sun's also supposed to be out for the rest of the week so I'll have the chance to get some better photos soon.

More to come!

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