Vancouver Olympics - Day 1

February 12, 2010

This morning E tried to get me out of bed. He was excited because the torch was coming through our neighborhood, and he had a sneaking suspicion that Arnold Schwarzenegger was running this leg of the Olympic torch route. Now, I'm an absolute zombie in the morning. There was NO way I was getting out of bed before 7 (Spoiled eh? hehe) so off he went with his camera.

However, my sleeping plans were foiled by: sea gulls crying, blow horns, cheering in the street, honking, some radio station folk on a loudspeaker.

"To heck with it", I thought. "I'm going to get out of bed and see this thing!" I wasn't sleeping anyway. So folks, I apologize because some of these photos are a tad blurry. Sorry!

The crowds lining the road waiting for the torch to come by.

Police on bikes. They joked with us. "Why are you awake so early? Why does no one have a coffee yet?" Vancouverites are obsessed with coffee.

Police on motorcycles.

Police on horses. Yes we have a mounted police force. They genrally patrol Stanley Park. The horses can go where bikes and cars can't.

Finally! The torch!

The man with the torch, lit the flame of this man in a wheelchair for the next leg of the torch relay. Check out the press! So many cameras. All those people in the blue are Olympic Volunteer staff.

The torch hand-off and photo op.

And, so did E's guess pan out? He wandered back into the apartment about the same time I did. Yes, he saw the Terminator. E missed the torch run, but the Governor drove by and waved - too quickly for him to whip out his camera. And me? Well you know what? I was thinking this Olympic thing was going to be a drag, but I couldn't help but change my mind. The feeling around town is kind of infectious. The Olympics are here. I'm actually going to enjoy this!

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