Bright Lights and Sunshine - Winter Olympics Recap Part 1

February 28, 2010

We were out and about around town this past week. It's been an exhausting but wonderful experience and I've got a ton of photos to show you!

The Sochi House. Sochi, Russia is the location of the next winter Olympics. They rented out the local Science Center and filled it out with lounges and exhibits. We waited in line for an hour and a half to get in, and spent an afternoon wandering around. There were some amazing Russian performers, information on Sochi, and subtitled Russian films playing in the Imax theatre.


By night the Sochi house turns into a night club. There was a stage for a live band and lounge chairs in ample supply.

The Athletes Village is right across the water from the Sochi house. Flags fly for all the participating countries, and you can tell who's staying where by the flags the athletes hung up from their balconies. For security purposes the public can't access the Athletes village, but we walked by it.

The Olympics hasn't been all fun and games for me. It's been somewhat stressful prepping for our dance performances but it turned out pretty awesome. There was a great crowd. We were freezing dancing barefoot beside the ice rink at Robson Square, but it was an experience not to be forgotten. Still, I'm glad that part is over!


We managed to get tickets to hockey (Germany/Belarus) and the nordic combined race. Part 2 to come tomorrow!

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