Night at the Symphony

December 07, 2009

I surprised E with tickets to the Symphony last week. Well... surprised is not quite accurate. It's hard to surprise the guy; he got it right with his first guess :(

The Orpheum Theatre is a pretty unassuming brick box of a building from the outside. If you ask me it's downright ugly from the exterior and it makes the interior so unexpected. I've been there a few times before, but I'm still always surprised at how nice it is.

The Orpheum is the home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and we sat down to a performance of famous movie scores from the past decade. It was pretty sweet evening. Music was paired with an introduction of the movie, and and a short montage from the films while the music played live. Some of the films included "Gone with the Wind", "Jaws", "Ben Hur". There were also two guest Broadway musical performers who added their vocals and dancing to the affair.

T - "Would you ever take a girl here on a date?"
E - "Sure! First we'd go skating in Robson Square, then we'd go to the symphony, then out for drinks after."
T - "HEY wait a minute. How come you never take me on dates like that?"

Actually I was surprised at how much he enjoyed himself. It was a great night, even without the skating, and drinks.

At the end of the show the entire ensemble came back out for an swing dancing encore. While everyone was on the stage, the conductor said his thanks, handed the mic to one of the singers, who proceeded thank his parents for coming, and that though she didn't know it yet, let everyone know the other singer's parents were there too. She was taken aback with surprise. Then he got down on one knee, and propose to his girlfriend of 6 years. She was literally jumping for joy, and he momentarily forgot which pocket he had the ring in. It was really really sweet. Now that's how you propose!!! With a full house and standing ovation!!!

Ahh... love :)

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