My Favorite Part of Christmas

Is making gifts and wrapping them up all pretty! I've always been the designated gift wrap person at home. There's something very satisfying about making a plain box all pretty. The past couple years I've decided to forgo gift wrap. There's always things you can use around the house that work just as well with a little creativity. My favorite gift wrapping supplies are magazines, brown paper bags, foreign newspapers, and old calendars.

This is this year's small hoard! I used reclaimed boxes and stamped them with stars. I made matching gift tags out of leftover bits of construction paper and tied it all up with curling ribbon.

I made some headbands for the girls and to keep them from getting crushed, I tied them on the outside of the boxes. Inside the boxes are home made ruffled fleece scarflettes.

The boys boxes were filled with a few different things. I made Super Mario tshirts with iron on transfers for the gamers in the family. A couple of the little ones got hats (toques as we call them up north!) and scarves.

Enjoy the holidays! See you in January!