My Creative Space

November 18, 2009

I was working on some flowers and wanted to do a little show and tell! There's nothing mysterious about making fabric flowers, but it has taken a good amount of trial and error. I'm still learning and every fabric behaves differently.

Here I've cut out some petal shapes from satin. I just use a pair of good sewing shears, nothing fancy.

This is where the magic happens - my little studio aka kitchen table ;) My tools include a butane grill, sandbag, and reproduction vintage french flower tools. I use the grill to heat up my tools. I need to be careful: too much and I'll burn holes in my fabric, but too little and the fabric won't curl.

I use the tools to press curves into the fabric until I'm satisfied with the petal shape.

It takes roughly an hour for me to produce each flower like this. Sure it's a lot easier to buy silk flowers in the store, but when you make your own, you have complete control over fabric, colors, and the size of the flowers you make.

That's it for my show and tell! What does your creative space look like? One day I'd actually like a craft room, but that's just a daydream for now. At least one good thing about having a small apartment is that I'm forced to clean up all my messes!

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