I want brainnnss... Zombie Brain and Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Our house smells positively delicious! I'm kind of squeamish when it comes to Halloween food. Shortbread witch fingers, deviled eyeball eggs? I can't do it! There's just something too creepy about them. I don't want to put those in my mouth. Sure they're all made of things I love, but still.

On the creepy scale these cupcakes are pretty low (insert relief here) but they're still wicked enough for me to take to our Halloween party tonight.

I got the idea for the brain cupcakes from Not Quite Nigella. I used a boxed marble cake mix and used food coloring to tint the 'white' cake green. I used cardamom infused milk instead of water. The flavor's ok, but the cardamom's a bit too subtle. I also did not add any jam/blood to the cupcake to save some time (I had 4 dozen to bake and ice!). I think this calls for a re-do in a non-Halloween version.

In case you're wondering why they're green, I figured zombie brains are kind of gelatinous, moldy, and starting to decay, hence the shade.

The vampire bite cupcake idea is from Baking Bites. I used white cake mix, added in some blackberry and strawberry jam into the batter to make a pink 'flesh', and put in a cup of juice instead of water to add extra pink extra fruitiness. Again I didn't fill these with jam. I know how long that takes.

Now I really have to finish up my costume. I'm running out of time!